Basic Nigeria Technology limited(BNTL) is an environmental service company actively engaged in oil spill containment, recovery and evacuation, clean up of oil spill sites, remediation of oil spill impacted soils, ground water analysis, soil analysis, air pollution studies, laboratory services, tank cleaning, site mapping and assessment, waste management from cradle to grave, procurement of environmental equipment, environmental consultancy services, with a highly successful track record.


Our significant contributions in the oil and gas industry in terms of quality service delivery has made us to be the coveted bride in the sector.

Working with our diverse partners, we are suitably qualified to handle bids and proposals for any kind of environmental services within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

With our competent workforce drawn from different fields we are able to apply effective project management skills aimed at a world class service delivery.

Our successful track records are evident in some major projects including but not limited to; oil spill response, containment, recovery and remediation executed for shell petroleum Nigeria Limited, Nigeria Agip Oil Company, HYPREP etc.

Our pride is anchored on our successful completion of all our projects in record time, with zero incident to people, asset, community and environment.

Our Mission

To design, execute and deliver projects in a manner that enables our clients to meet the highest standards of environmental regulations, and create a more sustainable environment for all.

Environmental Analysis

Solid waste management .
Electronic waste management,
Liquid waste management,

Emergency oil spill response

Oil spill response and containment
oil recovery and evacuation
clean up of spill site.

Remediation Services

Bio remediation,Soil remediation,
Swamp remediation,Ground water remediation,Phyto remediation,

Waste Management

Solid waste management
Electronic waste management
Liquid waste management
Plastic waste management
Tank cleaning

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